Do you have a heart of a volunteer?

Volunteer programs are available at Hanover Stables if you are at least 13 years or older. As you can imagine alot of work goes into running a horse farm. There’s always plenty of work to be done, so we are always looking for good people who want to help & learn. Its a very rewarding & enjoyable experience working with these beautiful creatures.

Why Volunteer at Hanover Stables?

  • To Help Horses
  • To Make a Difference
  • Meet new friends with the same interest
  • To expand your knowledge of horses & horse care
  • To earn community service hours
  • You are knowledgeable and have talents to share
  • You have free time
  • You love animals
  • Learn Responsibility & good work ethic

What are Volunteers asked to do?

Grooming, Tacking, Oiling Tack, Painting, Washing, Feeding, Watering, Mucking & more. If you don’t know how to do these things, it’s okay most new volunteers don’t. We will teach you! You will receive more education & hands on experience than paying for a riding lesson because in lessons we only teach you how to ride. We don’t teach you how to deworm a horse, feed/supplements, how to clip a horse, training a horse, first aid & more.

Contact us today @ 910-675-8923!